Parachutes and Pep Talks (The Freefall Trilogy – Part 2)

Parachutes and Pep Talks

Continuing from Parachutes and Peppermints, we pick up the romance between chocolatier, Lucy Simkins, and skydiving instructor, Joshua Snow.

One month on from her tandem jump with Josh, Lucy is back at the dropzone. She wants to become a fully fledged skydiver under the Advanced Freefall course. She’s been placed in the more than capable hands of Joshua’s fellow skydiving instructor, Froggy, AKA Jeremy Fisher.

Froggy is a wee, wiry Scotsman, who does hopping mad like nobody else. But he has a big heart and despite a major misdemeanour on her first jump, he’s got Lucy’s back. She starts to make good progress, flying through the AFF levels. Student and instructor build up a bond. Froggy makes a heart-breaking revelation about Joshua’s past. Lucy just wants to make it all better. Joshua finally takes her home.

The two of them arrive at the dropzone the next morning, beaming from ear to ear. But Lucy soon discovers that in skydiving, life turns on a dime; the world can drop from under your feet in an instant.

The Sadie Mills Freefall Trilogy focuses on fast-paced romantic comedies, set in the space of a day. In this action-packed adventure, Sadie Mills grabs the unsuspecting reader by the handholds, drags them to the door, and pulls them out of the plane with her, giving a glimpse of a world surging with adrenaline (not to mention insanely hot men) rarely explored in literature.

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